Arizona vs Arizona State

Arizona 3 - 4 Arizona State
Oct 13 2017 - 7:00 pmWilliam David Sitton Field

Arizona State traveled to Arizona for the biggest conference match-up of the season. Arizona State were number one in the conference table going in to the fixture with Arizona in second, enhancing the implications of a victory for either side.

Arizona State scored 4 goals in 20 minutes against a complacent Arizona defense and went in to half time with a 4-0 lead. Arizona rallied with some key changes to the on-field lineup in the second half, scoring three goals through Bernie Nieto (2) and Lukas Barker. Assists came from Bernardo Rebeil and Jeremy Siwik. 


The loss was the first to Arizona State in over two years. With Arizona unable to complete a comeback, Arizona State widened the gap to five points over Arizona.